Candidate for State Board of Education 3rd Congressional District



“Having served as superintendent of a small rural school district (325 students), a large rural/suburban school district (6,000 students) and a larger city school district (18,000 students), I believe I have a good understanding of the needs of all the school districts on the Western Slope, Southeastern Colorado including Pueblo.” 

"I bring a good understanding of the classroom teacher, the school administrator and the school superintendent.” 

Dr. Roman continues to work with school districts of all sizes throughout the state conducting superintendent searches for the Colorado Association of School Boards.

Educational Beliefs                           

Dr. Roman believes that:

  • State public education policies should provide every student with an equal opportunity to reach his or her potential regardless of where they live in Colorado.
  • Quality public education is an investment in our future with real and tangible return for our economy.
  • That access to a high quality education is not only a basic right; it is a necessary component of a healthy democracy.

Student Curriculum, Instruction, and Evaluation:

  • Support curriculum in all public schools that recognizes the equal importance of all subjects

  • Support diverse learning styles, multiple measurements of achievement

  • Oppose excessive standardized testing that reduces instructional time even more

  • Extracurricular activities, clubs, athletics and enrichment classes

  • Vocational, career, and technical training

School Funding:

  •  Adequate public education funding especially for small rural school districts
  • Adequate funding for ELL, low social-economic, and special needs students.

  • Adequate investment in technology and needed capital improvements

  • Adamantly oppose unfunded federal and state mandates

  • Schools and districts in their efforts to improve outcomes for students with persistently low performance

Quality Educators and Leaders:

 Dr. Roman supports and respects the great work our school boards, administrators, staff and teachers are doing each and everyday. I support:

  • Trusting and believing in our teachers, administrators and schools boards as professionals knowing what is best for their communities

  • Fair and equitable recruitment, retention, licensing and hiring practices of teachers and leaders for all public schools

  • Academic freedom

  • Increased flexibility for districts and schools and the elimination of any further state or federal mandates while eliminating redundant requirements in order to deliver high quality education.

Early Childhood Education:

  • Support early childhood education

  • Support state policies that increase opportunities for children to be ready be ready for Kindergarten

 Innovation and Choice:
  • Students and parents should have educational choices to best meet their individual learning needs

  • Allowing for the restructuring of the school day and/or school year to close achievement gaps and maximize learning time for all students

Inclusiveness and Diversity:
  • Support anti-bullying policies in schools

  • Support policies and programs, which include, elevate, and honor all students

  • Support the integration of diverse communities